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Lets Get Motivated!

Rookery Cottage Residential & Dementia Care invites sprightly seniors to take part in any activites at our care home so please contact us should you wish to do so.

Dementia Care

Caring for people with dementia is always a challenge for family members and carers alike. Father, mother, grandmother: suddenly they can't remember a loved one any more and feel unsure about their environment. That's when a professional, loving and well-structured programme of care is extremely important.


We understand the unique challenges faced by individuals living with dementia, and with our experienced approach and compassionate team, we are here to provide unparalleled support and a small, safe nurturing environment. At Rookery Cottage we firmly believe in person-centred care, tailoring our services to meet the specific needs and preferences of each and every resident. Our highly trained care staff are experts in dementia care and use their extensive knowledge and experience to ensure the highest quality of life for our residents.


We offer a wide range of stimulatring actvities designed to engage residents' minds, promote social interaction, and enhance cognitive functioning. From memory-enhacing games and exercises and art therapy to music making and sensory activities, we create personalised care plans to keep our residents active and empowered.


We recognise the emotional impact dementia can have on families, which is why we prioritse open communication and ongoing support. Our care home provides regular monthly update phone call check-ins and encourages family involvement to ensure loved ones are actively engaged in their family member's care journey. We can also offer educational resources, coaching and emotional support to help families navigate the challenges associated with dementia.


With our commitment to excellence, our care home aims to set high standards in dementia care, consistently striving to improve and innovate through the use of new technologies to provide safety in medication management, risk and care delivery as well as providing opportunities for more advanced therapies and activities in the use of VR. We can provide highly specialised diets for those with swallowing difficulties to ensure that we can meet the nutritional needs of individuals with dementia in new ways by providing meals which are attractive, nutritious and tasty whilst meeting the safety requirements of their risk assessments.


Dementia care goes beyond medical assistance, and with a small environment which soon becomes familiar alongside a high retention staff team that also soon become familiar we can offer a stable loving environment that cannot be paralled in larger establishments, with high staff turnover and an overreliance on agency staff. Familiarity, consitency and long standing relationships are the very bedrock of quality care outcomes.


As we know from personal experience supporting our own immediate family members with dementia, choosing a care home means choosing the best-ever dementia care for your loved one. We want everyone to have the benefit of peacj of mind knowing that there is a dedicated care team which is there for their loved one, and there for them too, wanting to deliver unparalleled support, compassion and respect. 

Dementia Care (including EMI - Elderly Mentally Infirm - Care) is available at Rookery Cottage and includes:

  • secure living area with pleasantly furnished single and double rooms
  • individuals' own furniture in their personal space so as to promote security
  • disabled-access wet room facilities
  • continuous supervision provided by highly trained carers
  • involvement of the family in personal requirements and requests
  • friendly, well-adapted living area for group activities
  • A sensory garden for Dementia residents

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