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Lets Get Motivated!

Rookery Cottage Residential & Dementia Care invites sprightly seniors to take part in any activites at our care home so please contact us should you wish to do so.

A truly person centered approach

Whether it's the little cares and attentions we can offer the elderly on a daily basis or a real need for loving care: our work is always focused on the human individual who requires care and support and who has a right to the same humane treatment that he or she has known throughout life. Dignity, respect, understanding and sensitivity are all practised by our highly trained and committed carers who help to create a trusting and personal relationship with all those who come to us or live with us. We always prioritize individual needs and preferences. From tailored care plans to personalised activites with warm compassionate staff, we strive to create a homley and supportive environment that ensures every resident feels valued, heard and loved.

Care and support offered by Rookery Cottage

Residential & Dementia Care


The facilities, services and support offered by Rookery Cottage Residential & Dementia Care Home enable our residents to enjoy a comfortable life where they remain in control, even in old age. We conduct thorough initial assessments and discussions with residents and their families to gain a deep understanding of thei unique needs, preferences and goals. This information forms the basis of personalised care plans that are regularly reviewed and adapted as needs change. Our dedicated care team consistently communicate and collaborate with residents and their families to ensure that their individual needs are met and that there voices are heard, fostering a truly person-centred approach to care.

Respite Care

Respite care plays a crucial role in supoprting not only the resident but also their family members. It provides much-needed relief and temporary rest for family caregivers who may be experiencing physical, emotional, or mental exhaustion from their caregiving responsibilities, or recovering from an illness of operation. Respite care offers an opportunity for caregivers to recharge, attend to their own needs, or simply take a break. This, in turn, enhances their overall well-being and allows them to provide better care in the long term. Additionally, respite care benefits the patient by giving them access to a new welcoming environment, social interaction, specialised care and support, as well as some well deserved TLC. All of this makes a huge contribution to their overall quality of life and sense of well-being. By ensuring the mental and physical well-being of both the resident and their family, respite care plays a critical part in maintaining a balanced and sustainable care dynamic.

Day Care

Those clients who access our day care service can receive all the well-being benefits of our permanent residents whilst giving their caregiver at home a well deserved opportunity to pursue some of their own goals.


Group Social Activities: These can include games, discussions, or themed events where clients can interact, form connections, and enjoy each other's company.


Creative & Artistic Activities: This may involve arts and crafts, painting, music therapy all of which allow our clients to express themselves creatively and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of creative endeavours.


Physical Activities: Depending on the health and mobility of the client, our care home offers everyone the opportunity to take part in gentle exercise and chair-based fitness programmes to promote physical well-being and mobility/


With many years of experience of delivering the best care outcomes for our clients we have found that a period of day care can be hugely beneficial to both the client, their family and our care team. Not only does it provide a wonderful opportunity for the client to get to know the care team but at the same time it gives the care team a longer peropd of time to better understand the individual needs of the client - much longer than a traditional pre-assessment consultation. Given that we have such a stable care team our unique environment truly enhances the positive impact that day care can have in regard to future placements. It can quite simply remove all the stress and anxiety for the client and their family when someone moves to a permanent placement as by this time the client is very comfortable in the care home environment and has built friendships with the care team and other residents. In essence, they already feel happy at home before they move in.



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